Farne Salmon are committed to ensuring the highest standards in our sourcing of raw materials.


Our sourcing policies are based upon the following key pillars:

We source a wide supply of seafood from both aquaculture and fishery sources, all from approved suppliers who demonstrate that they meet our demanding company specifications and those of our customers. We continually assess performance in order to ensure agreed standards are being maintained. We encourage best practice and engage with our suppliers in the review of new and innovative solutions which support the control and development of our standards.


In terms of farmed salmon, we source from Scotland, Ireland and Norway. Responsible sourcing is key, and we ensure this is achieved through strict adherence to our key pillars and associated policies and specifications.

As a subsidiary of the Labeyrie Fine Foods Group, one of the largest producers of value added seafood products in Europe, we have a dedicated and highly experienced salmon purchasing team, including dedicated aquaculture resource, ensuring that our sourcing policies are upheld in order to secure access to the best possible salmon across our Group. We operate a bespoke Farne Salmon Supplier Performance Assessment system which allows us to select the best performing raw material for use within our factories.


Fisheries raw material is sourced sustainably in line with specifications driven by our key pillars and in accordance with the rigorous sourcing policies of our customers. Wild salmon sourcing is predominantly from Alaskan fisheries which are independently certified to responsible fisheries management standards.

Our sourcing policies are based on risk assessment and only those fisheries showing compliance with sustainable sourcing requirements which consider biological sustainability, animal welfare, environmental responsibility and social and ethical considerations are approved for supply to our business. Fisheries sourcing assessments are based on the advice of highly experienced and credible independent experts and where relevant in accordance with leading independent certification standards.



Farne salmon and Trout are committed to ensuring the highest standards in our sourcing of raw materials.



Our factory produces mainly fresh salmon products. The factory is separated into 4 distinct activities: cold smoked, hot smoked, ready-to eat and natural salmon.  We also produce a range of Mackerel products for our customers – try them, they taste fantastic!!



At Farne we make it our number one priority to treat people well, help them develop and give them a rewarding working experience with us.